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Along with our other services, we also offer a seminar/speech to explain in detail how to get
started, and what to expect while applying to work as an airline flight attendant. We will cover in detail, the ten steps to actually work as an airline flight attendant. These ten steps include:

Ten steps to becoming a flight attendant:

1. Apply on line, send in resume. View all requirements to be sure you are able and willing to
work as an airline flight attendant with that airline.
2. Take assessment tests on line.
3. Wait to hear back from airline for invitation to attend group interview event.
Or, view airline website, keep watching for upcoming open house/group interview events.
4. Attend an airline flight attendant group interview/open house event.
5. While attending the group interview event, be one of those selected to remain for a one on
one interview with an airline flight attendant recruiter.
6. Pass the 10 year FAA back round check, drug test, physical exam, have valid passport.
7. Be officially invited by that airline, to attend the 4-6 week FAA certified initial flight attendant training.
8. Be successful at completing the 4-6 week initial flight attendant training.
9. Pass the IOE (Initial Operating Experience).
10. Start working flights and trips.

Subjects covered during our seminar include:
1. Introduction…my back round in the airline industry.
2. Why working as a flight attendant is the best career.
3. Travel opportunities.
4. Freedom unlike any other career.
5. Advancement opportunities.
6. Working with highly educated, motivated, career people.
7. Meeting different/new people on a daily basis.
8. Less micro managing as compared to other jobs.
9. Depending on your airline, and once you become a line holder, you may have as many as 14-15
days off per month.
10. Airline/travel schools. Are they worth it?
11. How to apply to work as an airline flight attendant.
12. Where to apply
13. Preparing for the group interview/open house event.
14. If selected for training, how to prepare.
15. How to get through/succeed the 4-8 week initial flight attendant training.
16. Dealing with roommate(s).
17. Study
18. Put everything else on hold
19. Must pass all exams with a 90% or better. May be allowed one retake exam.
20. Will you get your crew base choice? If not, what happens?
21. Commuting vs moving to your crew base
22. Being on reserve. What to expect

Our rates (From Ocala, FL to your location):

1-100 miles: $75. Rate applies no matter the size of the group(s).
100-150 miles: $100
150-200 miles: $150
200-250 miles: $200

Now, we cannot guarantee you
will be offered to attend the initial flight attendant training. We also cannot guarantee you will
pass all the exams at training, and begin a flight attendant career. However, my goal is, to
provide you with information to help you gain an edge over other prospective flight attendant
candidates. Working as an airline flight attendant is very competitive. Of the thousands of
applicants, only a few hundred will actually be invited to training. Of those, approximately 40-
50% will not graduate from training.

During our seminar, all the above subjects (and more) will be discussed. In addition, a question and answer period will follow. 

We offer this service to any group, organization, classroom, or school in Florida, or southern Georgia. If interested, please order below, please send us a message here, or give us a call (912) 282-2949.

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