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airliner-570679_1280Airline travel schools.

When considering a career in the airline/travel industry, attending an airline travel school may allow you to find out if working in the airline industry is for you.

When I considered a career in the airline industry, I decided to pursue one of the various airline travel schools. I attended an airline/travel school in Oakland, CA called, “Aero Career Academy”.
“Aero Career Academy”, was sponsored by World Airways, and SFO Helicopter. This was a 12 week course, 4 days/nights per week.
The cost was approximately $400.00.

During the 12 week course, we were taught how to read the OAG (Official Airline Guide), prepare and write airline tickets
(this was before the internet took over the airline/travel industry), customer service skills, airline security, CPR/First Aid, flight attendant skills, evacuation drills, baggage handling, making reservations for airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, cruises, and even Amtrak.
The goal was, to prepare us to work in a variety of airline/travel positions.

Here are a few airline/travel industry schools, currently in operation:

1. Flight Attendant Express

The Airline Inflight school, is a five day course. Held in Greensboro, NC.
This course, claims to teach information on working as a flight attendant, with a 90% job placement rate.

For more information: Call 336-497-4978.

2. Inflight Institute

The Inflight Institute, offers numerous on line courses for prospective flight attendants.
The Inflight Institute headquarters, are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
For more information: Call Toll Free Anywhere in North America (1-800-908-7578).

Some of the Inflight Institute courses include:

A. Certificate Program
One/Two Flight Attendant Onboard

B; Certificate Program
Multiple Flight Attendants Onboard

c. Certificate Program
Wide Body / Multi-Crew Onboard

D. Interference with Crew Member Training:
This course will give you the information you need to deal with unruly passengers.

E. Aviation Medicine / First Aid
This comprehensive program will cover all aspects of aviation First Aid required by airlines.

F. 737-700 NG (Boeing)
This program covers the Boeing 737-700 NG (Next Generation) aircraft,
the newest and most advanced models in the B737 family of aircraft.

3. Cypress College, located in Cypress, CA, offers a flight attendant certificate and/or degree:

Students at Cypress College have three options:
Basic Flight Attendant Certificate = 15 units
Advanced Flight Attendant Certificate = 36 units (includes those courses completed for the Basic Certificate)
Associate in Science Degree Flight Attendant = Advanced Certificate + General Education Requirements = 60 units

For more information, contact Cypress College: (714) 484-7000.

4. Academics of Flight International. Located in Queens, NY.
Academics of Flight International, offers a 40 hour course (1 week) on flight attendant training.

Tuition: $1500.00. The tuition cost does not include housing.

For more information on the Academics of Flight International: (718) 937-5716.

5. Jet Set Aviation, offers a five (5) day course in working as a “Corporate Flight Attendant”.

Jet Set Aviation offers the five day course in:
Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Hong Kong.

Tuition: $4995.00. The tuition cost, does not include the cost of housing.

For more information on the Jet Set Aviation course: (310) 975-7663.

6. Pan Am Academy, located in Miami, FL, offers a six (6) day course for training flight attendants.

For more information: (877) 394-2118.

7. International Air and Hospitality Academy

(800) 868-1816

The International Air and Hospitality Academy, conducts courses at their campus,
located in Vancouver, Washington.

The International Air and Hospitality Academy, offers a 20 week course, entitled, “Airline/Travel Specialist”.
This 20 week course, includes instruction on: travel/tour agents, airline customer service, as well, as
an introduction to working as an airline flight attendant.

Tuition and Expenses to attend the International Air and Hospitality Academy:

Tuition: $12,925
Room and Board: $6000.00
Books and Supplies: $400.00
Other Expenses: $2800.00

Total: $22,125.00

Financial aid/assistance is available.

For more information on the International Air and Hospitality Academy: (800) 868-1816.

8. The Airline Academy

The Airline Academy, offers Airline flight attendant/Customer Service training.
The course is taught with on line courses,
as well as a five (5) week, training held at the Airline Academy
headquarters, located in Daytona Beach, FL.

Tuition: $6975.00 (Excluding Housing costs). Financial assistance is available.

Here is a partial list of what you will learn, if you attend The Airline Academy:

1. Airline terminology
2. Geography
3. Official Airline Guide (OAG) and Travel Planner
4. Airline reservations
5. Domestic airfares
6. Domestic airline ticketing
7. International airfares and ticketing
8. Airport Security
9. Introduction to SABRE (The airline reservation system)
10. FAA Aviation Weather
11. Superior Customer Service
12. Airport operations

13. Computerized airline ticket reservations
14. Passenger interaction skills
15. One on One career path development
16. Customs, Immigration, and Dangerous/Hazardous Materials
17. Ticket Counter/Gate Procedures
18. Public Address Announcements
19. Memorizing Announcements
20. Flight Attendant Role Play
21. Resume/Job Application skills

9. The Travel Academy.

The Travel Academy, offers courses for people interested in pursuing a career in the travel industry.
The Travel Academy, is located in Eagan, Minnesota, just south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport.
For more information on The Travel Academy: (952) 854-7161.

The Travel Academy, offers two different courses:

1. 300 Hour Program:

Ten (10) week course

Tuition $5700.00, plus optional housing $1000.00

2. 120 Hour Program:

Four (4) Week Course

Tuition: $3495.00

Housing: $100 per week (double occupancy)

The Travel Academy does offer, in house financial/tuition assistance.

Here is a partial list of what you will learn, if you attend the Travel Academy:

1. Airport/City Codes
2. Aircraft Configurations
3. Airline terminology
4. US/International Geography
5. Daylight Savings/24 Hour Clock
6. First Aid/CPR Review
7. Emergency/Evacuation Reviews
8. FAR’s Flight Attendant Regulations
9. What to expect during and after airline flight attendant training
10. Interviewing/Resume preparation
11. Airline Open House Interview Preparation
12. Making PA Announcements On Board

The 300 hour (10 week) course covers four different airline/travel industry careers:
Flight attendant, cruise line, travel agent, and airport ticket/gate/ramp careers.


10. Flight Attendant Prep Academy

9312 E. Raintree Dr.

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: (480) 599-1123

Our training program includes-



It is an EXPEDITED, Fast Track Course , ONLY 7 DAY CLASS. 

Monday – Sunday 
9:30am – 6pm. 

You will receive your Certificate of Completion on Sunday.

Cost: $1999.00 Arizona Residents

$3499.00 Out of State Students


Comparing these travel schools, it would appear The Airline Academy, located in Daytona Beach, FL., is similar to the airline/travel school I attended (Aero Career Academy). Aero Career Academy, covered a wide variety of travel careers.

While I attended Aero Career Academy, we were instructed on airline ticket agent careers, airline flight attendant careers but also careers in the hospitality industry, car rental, and even the cruise industry.

So, if you are unsure which type of travel industry career you want to pursue, it may be to your advantage to consider attending The Airline Academy, or The Travel Academy.

If you are determined and set to pursue a career as an airline flight attendant, would you want to learn
about other travel industry careers? Both The Airline Academy, and The Travel Academy combine their courses to cover a wide variety of travel industry careers.

Is it worth it to attend one of these airline flight attendant courses or schools?
In my view, yes. If you can afford the tuition, or are willing to accept the financial tuition assistance, I highly recommend spending the money, and time attending one of these schools.

Most airlines receive thousands of job applications or resumes each month. To gain any type of edge, or to give yourself an advantage, by attending one of these travel schools, you will show the airline you are serious about a career in the airline industry.

In addition, while attending one of these airline flight attendant schools, you will learn much of the same material taught, while going through the official FAA airline flight attendant training, conducted by whichever airline you will be working with. Once you graduate from an airline travel school, you will be able to attend the airline open house events, with confidence. You will know how to answer the interviewers questions effectively

One of the common questions airline interviewers/recruiters ask is, what makes you stand out, as compared to other ob candidates?

If you have attended, and graduated from an airline/travel industry school, you can answer this question with confidence. You can tell the recruiter, you have attended an airline/travel industry school, which taught detailed courses on airline travel, working as an airline flight attendant, hands on experience with CPR/First Aid, evacuation drills, airline customer service, etc………….You can explain to the airline interviewer/recruiter, you are seeking a long term career in the airline industry.

By attending an airline travel school, you will know whether or not, an airline flight attendant career is the right career for you.

In addition, some of the airline/travel schools, will invite airline flight attendant recruiters to interview students. This in itself may be worth the time and money to attend one of these schools.

On average, 25%-40% of people who attend the FAA approved initial flight attendant training with an airline, will fail.

While I went through the Initial Flight Attendant Training with Comair, we began with 53 people in our class. However, only 27 of us actually graduated. The other people in our class either quit, failed more than 2 exams, or left for other reasons. This is not uncommon.
Of the 27 people who graduated, I was the only male in our class. Yes, 26 women and myself.

However, for those people who attend an airline/travel school, then go through the official FAA initial airline flight attendant training, the percentages of those who succeed is extremely high. Approximately 96% of people who attend both an airline/travel school, and the FAA initial flight attendant training with an airline, will pass the initial flight attendant training, and embark on a highly successful airline flight attendant career.

Age or lack of experience may not matter while going through airline flight attendant training. Airlines will hire people in their early 20’s, up to people in their late 50’s or even 60’s. So, if you have the interest, desire, dedication, and motivation, you can succeed with an airline flight attendant career.

Anytime I went through the interviewing process with any airline, the fact I attended an airline travel school, definitely stood out on my resume and job application. Interviewers/recruiters would ask me to explain what courses were taught at Aero Career Academy. I would tell the interviewers
Aero Career Academy provided detailed instruction on a wide variety of airline/travel careers, including:
Airline ticket/gate agent, reservations, airline flight attendant, as well as, booking cruises and tours.
The instructors gave us the opportunity to expand our knowledge of the airline/travel industry.

In addition, by attending Aero Career Academy, I was able to work as an intern with World Airways at the Oakland Airport.

This gave me a hands on, realistic perspective of what to expect should I
pursue a career in the airline industry.

It is difficult to say whether or not attending Aero Career Academy was the deciding factor in being offered an airline ticket agent position, or being invited to the airline’s flight attendant FAA training. However, I have no doubt by attending Aero Career Academy, this definitely gave me an edge over other job candidates.

During my 25 year airline career, I have known numerous airline ticket/gate agents, ramp personnel, and flight attendants who also attended an airline/travel school. So, attending an airline/travel school will give that person an edge or advantage over other job candidates. You will know what to expect if you are invited to attend an airline’s flight attendant training. It will make the airline flight attendant training easier to understand. You will already know how intense the training is for everyone. You will encounter very few surpises, as you go through your airline’s fight attendant training.

By attending an airline/travel school, you will also understand how to study the required material. Flight attendant training is not easy. Having gone through initial airline flight attendant training with three different airlines, I can tell you, it takes complete dedication, to be able to put everything else aside, to focus on one task. The task is, to pass all the required exams, graduate, and begin your airline flight attendant career.

To Summarize:

1. Attending an airline/travel school may help you decide, if working in the airline industry is the right career for you.
2. The airline/travel schools are expensive. Housing is not included in the price of the course.
However, most of the airline/travel schools offer financial assistance.
3. Some of the airline/travel schools, learn teach skills and information, which may not be applicable
to working as an airline flight attendant.
4. By attending an airline/travel school, this will give you an advantage over other airline flight attendant candidates.
5. Some of the airline/travel schools, offer job placement assistance.
6. Approximately 96% of people who attend both an airline/travel
school, and the FAA initial flight attendant training with an airline, will pass the initial flight attendant training, and embark on a
highly successful airline flight attendant career.

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