Flight Attendant Group Interview Tips

Flight Attendant Group Interview tips.

Airline Flight Attendant Career-Mistakes To Avoid During Open House/Group Interview Event.

When attending an airline flight attendant open house/group interview event, here are the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them:

1. Arriving Late

I highly recommend arriving to the open house/group interview event 1-2 hours early.
This is especially important if, no one was “officially” invited. Or, as we used to call it, a “cattle call”, where anyone, and everyone may show up.

In addition, by arriving early, you can be first in line, or enter the open house interview event, ahead of most other applicants. I also highly recommend sitting in the first 1-2 rows of seats. You want to show the airline flight attendant recruiters, you are anxious, prepared, and ready.

2. Appearance

I have witnessed some airline flight attendant candidates who, simply were not dressed appropriately. This means, dressing in your best suit, or outfit. This is a business formal event. Wearing shorts, sandals, or t-shirts are not acceptable attire.

3. Salary.

Do NOT ask the airline flight attendant recruiters about salary, or the hourly wage. When, or if, you are invited to attend the initial airline flight attendant training, you should be provided with the starting wage. However, the average starting flight hour wage for US airlines averages between $16-22, per flight hour.

Also, do not ask the flight attendant recruiters about any benefits offered by that airline, especially, “flight benefits”.

Any and all benefits will be presented to you, when or if you are invited to attend the initial airline flight attendant training. However, I will be more than happy to provide you with as much information on these topics as possible.

4. Not Being Prepared

During the airline flight attendant open house/group interview event, you will be asked to stand up, and explain why you want to work as an airline flight attendant. Or, you may be asked to stand up and recite a sample on board announcement.
The key is, to practice and prepare before you arrive at the open house/group interview event

5. Being soft spoken, or low self confidence

One way to overcome being soft spoken is, to stand up, and practice talking out loud. Practice in front of a mirror.

Video tape your speeches, and critique how you can improve. Public speaking is a challenge for many people. However, the airline flight attendant recruiters, are seeking candidates who are able to talk clearly, and present themselves
in a very positive, and confident manner.

One way to overcome a lack of confidence is, to “act as if” you really are confident. One thing is, do not be concerned about other flight attendant candidates. Just focus on doing the best you can.

6. Being Arrogant, or “Know It All”

If you have worked as an airline flight attendant previously, or have experience in the airline/travel industry, it’s perfectly acceptable to mention this during your 1-2 minute talk.

However, you do not want to come across as someone
who seemingly knows it all, or indicates based on your qualifications, you should automatically be hired.

The best way to approach this is, to focus on your strengths, and how you would be able to apply those skills to an airline
flight attendant career, with that particular airline.

7. Speaking negatively about a current, or former employer

This is an easy trap to fall into. If the airline flight attendant recruiter asks why you want to change careers, or why you left previous jobs, keep your answer short, but keep it positive.

You might say, I learned a lot while
working with that employer. It was interesting learning about that industry.
Even though I left the position, I have always said, knowledge is power. Then, mention your long term career goal is, to represent your airline, in a very positive, and professional manner.

8. Failing to do your homework

Before you arrive to attend an airline flight attendant open house/group interview event, learn and read as much about that airline as possible. Such as the history of the airline, the current CEO/President, the airline routes, air crafts, any current news, etc….

You will be expected to have read the “requirements” of working
as an airline flight attendant, with that particular airline. In addition, conduct research on the history of flight attendants.

If asked what are the primary duties of an airline flight attendant, the answer is:
Safety, comfort, customer service, and performing all required duties, on time.

9. Not bringing copies of your resume. Or, being unable to complete the required airline flight attendant job application.

Be sure to bring several copies of your current resume. Your resume should be typed on clear, resume type paper.

If possible, try to fill out the required flight attendant job application on line. Or, print out the job application, and fill it out completely before arriving at the airline flight attendant open house/group interview event.

10. Not being sociable during the open house/group interview event.

While you will be expected to be sociable with other flight attendant candidates, do not be concerned about their experience or qualifications.

Airlines will invite experienced, and non experienced people to attend the initial flight attendant training. As an example, when I was invited to attend the Comair Airlines initial flight attendant training, most people in our class,
did not have previous airline/travel industry experience.

Airline flight attendant recruiters, will be watching everyone, before, and during the group interview event.
So, conduct yourself in a very positive, and professional manner.
Smile! Smile! Smile! And Smile some more!

So, smile, be open, and talk with as many flight attendant
candidates as possible. However, if someone comes across as negative, or seems to “know it all”, do not spend much,
time talking with those individuals. Instead, focus on remaining positive, prepared, and ready. 

11. Not bringing your passport.

Be sure to bring your current passport with you to the flight attendant open house/group interview event.

If you do not have a passport, you will need to show the airline flight attendant recruiters, you have already applied for a passport, and are waiting for your passport
to arrive. You will need to bring a copy of the receipt showing you have paid for, and applied for a passport.

How to apply for a US Passport:

Passport Fees:

12. Interrupting the airline recruiters. Or, interferring with other flight attendant candidates.

While attending an airline flight attendant open house/group interview event, you are expected to conduct yourself in the best possible manner. This includes not interferring or interrupting airline recruiters during their talk, or interviewing process. I have witnessed flight attendant job candidates constantly asking inappropriate questions, which slow down the entire group interview process.

In addition, while a flight attendant candidate is conducting their 1-2 minute speech on why they want to work as an airline flight attendant, be courteous, pay attention, and do not make any inappropriate gestures or comments. Doing so, may result in you being excused from the flight attendant group interview.

I would also advise to avoid eating during the group/open house interview event. Unless, food/snacks are provided.
Even then, I would advise to eat only during breaks. However, I would advise bringing a bottle of water, just in case water is not provided during the group interview event.

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