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Our primary goal, is to advise, coach, and consult with airline flight attendant career candidates, step by step, in their pursuit of a career in the airline industry. We offer flight attendant consultant career services.

Applying to work as an Airline Flight Attendant, is extremely competitive. Each month, most airlines receive hundreds, or even thousands of applications and resumes. Therefore, to give yourself an edge over other candidates, being prepared is vital.

We offer to work with you, step by step, to assist you from the time you apply to work as a flight attendant, up to and including when you are actually working flights and trips.
Our first telephone or instant message consultation is free. Should you decide to use any of our services, here are the current prices:

1. Flight Attendant Career Telephone Consultation

We offer a one on one telephone consultation to discuss your back round, experience, and your career goals.

Our first 30 minute telephone consultation is free, with no further obligations.

Should you decide to work with us, any subsequent telephone consultations, or conversations, will be set at our telephone consultation rate of $15.00 per thirty (30) minutes, with a 30 minute minimum.

To order a telephone consultation, please view our Flight Attendant Telephone Consultation Page.

2.  Resume/Cover Letter Re-Write Service. $35.00

Price includes one resume, one cover letter. To order, or to read more about this service, please view the Resume/Cover Letter Re-Write Service page, or click here.

3. Airline Research. $25.00

The price includes research on one (1) airline. Conducting Research on an airline, to provide you with information including: upcoming flight attendant group interview/open house events, the starting pay, current crew bases, any news (good or bad) about that airline, and the current fleet of aircrafts. We also provide you with unique aspects of that airline, which can be used during an open house/group interview event. Or, during a one on one interview with an airline flight attendant recruiter.
To order, please visit our Airline Research Service page. Or, please click here.

4. Airline Flight Attendant Group Interview/Open House Package. $49.95

This package includes: Resume/Cover Letter service, Interviewing preparation, and Public Speaking/Speech Preparation. For more information on this package, please view our Airline Flight Attendant Group Interview/Open House Package” Page. Or, please click here.

5.  Flight Attendant Commuter Planning Service$30.00

We offer this service for any airline flight attendants who “commute” to work.
This includes flight attendants on reserve, or flight attendants who are
“line holders”.

Based on where you live, where you are based, and the flight benefits you have,
we can create a commuting “plan”. This will give you all the possible flight options
to get you to/from your crew base. We will also include flight options from alternate
airports (if applicable). We will also include ground transportation options.

Please visit our Flight Attendant Commuter Planning Service  Page. Or, please click here.


6. Flight Attendant Public Speaking Coaching.

For many people, public speaking is difficult, especially if you have not talked in front of a large group of people. We offer two types of services:

A. We can prepare and write your 1-2 minute speech, on “Why You Want To Work As An Airline Flight Attendant”: $25.00. For more information, or to place an order, please Click Here.

B. One On One Public Speaking Tutoring: $25.00 Per Hour. Tutoring can be done via telephone, Instant Messaging, or Skype. To order, please Click Here.


7. Florida resident flight attendant career coaching.

For Florida Residents, or Florida Visitors:

Should you reside in Central Florida, or plan on visiting Central Florida, we offer an option to meet in person. We can arrange to meet, for an in person, airline flight attendant career consultation. Our rates for an in person consultation are: $25.00 per thirty (30) minutes, with a 60 minute minimum. For more information, or to place an order, please click here.


Please fill out our “Contact Us” form. Or, please give us a call! (912) 282-2949. .

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