VIP Insider Commuter Service

VIP Insider Commuting Planning Service.

We offer this service for any airline flight attendants who “commute” to work. Or, are planning to commute to work.

Commuting is when a flight attendant must fly from the city where they live, to the city where they are based.
Being a successful “commuter” involves being very flexible, planning ahead, looking at all possible options, being quick on your feet, thinking “outside the box”.

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Based on where you live, where you are based, and the non-revenue/flight benefits you have, we can create a commuting “plan”. This will give you all the possible flight options
to get you to/from your crew base. We will also include flight options from alternate
airports (if applicable). We will also include ground transportation options.

I was a “commuter” for over 7 years. Living in Florida made commuting very challenging at times.  I bid on 3-4 day trips. I liked working early morning flights. So, I would fly to my crew base the day before my trip began. I wanted to be sure I was at my crew base in time to work my trip. So, yes I had to sacrifice time away from home. However, usually I was able to commute home after the last flight of the trip.

I had to fly out of every airport in Florida, just to get to/from my crew base. Sometimes, I had to fly on 3-4 flights just to get to my crew base airport. While working with Chautauqua Airlines, I was based in Corpus Christi, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Grand Rapids and Cleveland. However, despite the difficulties of commuting, I did not call in sick, or miss any work assignments for 7 years. Perfect attendance is very rare in the airline industry. So, now, my goal is to help you find ways to get to/from work.

Price: $39.95  per month. To order, please click below.

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