Resume Cover Letter Service

Resume/Cover Letter Re-Write Service:

A clear, concise resume along with a well-written cover letter,
is the first step in being invited to attend an airline flight attendant group interview/open house event.

We offer a service to re-write your current resume and cover letter, which emphasize your, education, experience, and skills.

Please forward your current cover letter and/or resume by following these steps:

1. Click “Contact Us“.

2. Once we receive your contact us message, we will respond via e mail.

3. Then, send us your current cover letter and/or resume via “attachment” (PDF File) to us via e mail.

Once we have completed your resume and cover letter, we will forward these to you for your consideration and review.

Price: $19.95. This includes one (1) cover letter, and one (1) resume.

To order, please click below:


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